We are actively progressing toward the implementation of fully recyclable or compostable packaging for all our products.  Notably, our 1kg espresso bags are already fully recyclable, and we offer a convenient service where we collect and appropriately dispose of used 1kg bags from our clients. Several years ago, we made the switch to fully recyclable branded takeaway cups, and our current focus is on identifying the most suitable recyclable lid for these cups. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our coffee production processes, as evidenced by our 60kg Giesen production coffee roaster equipped with afterburner technology. This technology effectively minimizes smoke and odors generated during coffee production before releasing them into the atmosphere. Moreover, our efforts contribute to the local community, as some of the hessian coffee sacks utilized for transporting green coffee find a second life in the hands of local residents for gardening and craft purposes. If you are interested in repurposing these sacks, please feel free to reach out, as we have a surplus available for beneficial use.