We source single origin speciality coffee with a focus on quality, sustainability and innovation.  From emerging coffee communities, to long established connections with growers, our interdependent relationships help to improve the lives of those at origin while also fulfilling our desire to provide delicious speciality coffee for our customers. Memories of the tastes of our first single origins more than 15 years ago still linger with the sweet milk chocolate from our Guatemala San Francisco Tecuamburro by Sergio Barillas. Since then, the single origins we source continue to tease the pallet with a huge variety of flavours such as orange, cocoa nibs and plum to mention a few. These intense aromas and flavours are a testament to the innovative practices of coffee producers as they experiment with different botanical varieties and processes. None of this would be possible without the rich fertile soils and microclimates unique to each coffee producing region. The results of this combination of mother nature and farm innovation are coffees that never cease to excite and stimulate us with every sack that arrives into our roastery.