Our craft is roasting speciality coffee with precision and passion, using the senses of sight, sound and smell. This is masterfully performed by Jonny, our highly skilled and certified ‘Q Grader’ using industry leading roasting technology from companies such as Giesen. Similar to a Sommelier, a certified Q Grader is a professional who is skilled in the sensory evaluation of green coffee, essential for quality control. Every coffee that we consider buying, whether it is one sack of 69kg or a full container of 275 sacks, Jonny will evaluate, roast and cup the samples to see if it meets our quality standards and flavour requirements. If it is a container of coffee we are buying then the approved pre shipment sample is constantly checked throughout the season against the coffee stored in our warehouse to verify quality and consistency. Roasting is performed daily at our premises in Banbridge, County Down with freshness of course being our priority so you can enjoy the rich aroma and vibrant flavours in every cup.