Guatemala El Durazno


Notes: Cocoa, stone fruits, full body, dark chocolate finish.
Origin: Guatemala
Process: Washed
Location: Aldea El Durazno, Santa Rosa
Variety: Catuai, Bourbon, Pache
Altitude: 1400m
Bag size: 250g & 1kg

When I turned 14 years old in 1984 I had just left my first year of high school in the capital Guatemala. My father was a coffee producer already for about 25 years and he told me how he started planting coffee and how he had been a recognised producer in Santa Rosa registered by Anacafe.

I started planting coffee with simple and effective ways following the advice of my father, starting from selecting the seeds of the best plants of Pache, which is mutation of Typica discovered in Jalapa. Then I made the seedbeds, carefully sowing the seeds and observing the germination, then later transferring the little plants to a nursery and 14 months after sowing, the little plants were usually transplanted to the field. In 2 years the plants started blooming. It was how I started with my very first 1.5Ha. of coffee.

I was very satisfied, seeing the result of the first flowerings, and the first harvest and receiving my first payments for the sales, distinguished for its quality.
A very recognised coffee grower Bernardo Castillo, my uncle, seeing my enthusiasm and good results, strongly recommend me to built a wet mill in that area, so I could collect coffees from the area, so in 1989 I started the construction, by 1991 I was selling all my coffee production in dried parchment.

One day, resting under the shade of a tree, I said: “thank you God for leaving this fruit that feeds us”, then with the intention to grow, went to a local rural bank looking for a credit to keep planting more area having the chance not only to enlarge my plantation, which was allowing me not only to raise my family but giving a job opportunity to many people in the region and helping others to become coffee growers.

Passing the years through the inconveniences of pest and diseases that have attacked the plants, we have been overcoming them with the help of God and the technicians of Anacafe, I came to the conclusion that life is a daily school with lot of good experiences and satisfactions, such as enjoying a nice cup of coffee with my family, friends, and those consumers somewhere in the world who will also enjoy my coffee coming all the way from this small village El Durazno, a wonderful coffee producing area.

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