Christmas Blend


Notes: Mulled fruit, chocolate, orange
Origin: Columbia & Honduras
Process: Washed & Natural
Location: Multiple
Variety: Mixed
Bag size: 250g & 1kg

It’s that time of year again! Our Christmas Blend can be enjoyed as a filter coffee, in a cafetière or through your espresso machine in a flat white, cappuccino, americano etc. We all love the traditional flavours of Christmas, mulled fruits, orange and of course chocolate. So when our roaster Jonny was experimenting with different single origins, both washed and naturals he was on the hunt for coffees that displayed those festive notes.

Settling on two coffees for this year’s Christmas blend , the first is from the region of Antioquia in Colombia. This is a washed coffee from a microlot called Gallego, grown between 1500 and 1800m above sea level. Notes of chocolate and clementine are particularly prominent when this coffee was taken to a light/medium roast a couple of minutes into first crack. Jonny’s second coffee for this year’s Christmas blend is from Honduras where the coffee is dried while still inside the cherry, known as a ‘natural’ process. This coffee from a farm called San Rafael is grown at an altitude of 1300m in a town called Corquin. Drying the coffee inside the cherry results in a mulled fruit sweetness coming through in the taste profile and in particular a notable hint of orange.

We hope you enjoy this year’s blend and have a wonderful Christmas!

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