Our Story

Back in 2006 when a dark roast was the only option available and a cappuccino had a head like a cumulonimbus cloud we threw caution to the wind and bought our first coffee roaster. It was a 10kg from the US and we named it ‘Rosie’.  This was the beginning of our journey into the emerging and exciting world of speciality coffee. Light roasts, quality, flavour, aroma and of course freshness lined the alternative path we planned to tread. Our focus from inception was on wholesale where we could partner with like-minded businesses, large or small to provide an elevated speciality coffee experience. The painstaking approach for perfection when roasting was equalled only by the carefully and considerately sourced exceptional quality of our speciality coffee. Collaboration with our partners through the provision of barista training, exceptional service and equipment support were the remaining ingredients necessary to drive this speciality coffee journey on.

Despite one or two roaster fires Rosie is still in fine working order today but she has been allowed to rest and today more modern roasting equipment has taken over such as our 60kg Giesen. Our journey has given us the opportunity to meet wonderful people and make lasting friendships with producers as we continue to source fabulous single origin speciality coffees. We have an amazing team, with most having been part of this journey for years while others have recently joined the party. Together we provide our wholesale customers with a service and support that is unrivalled. Together we continue to produce exceptional speciality coffee. Together we are having fun on this speciality coffee journey.