Ristretto Coffee | Tanzania Iwindi (washed)
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Tanzania Iwindi (washed)


Mbeya Rural District and Mbozi District of the Mbeya Region account for half of Tanzania’s Arabica coffee production.  The Tanzanian coffee market is made up of over 95% small holders, and supports roughly 4.5 million people. Each small holding is up to 5 acres in size and farmers grow staple crops such as maize and bananas, alongside coffee.  This microlot named after the local village Iwindi is at an altitude of 1780 metres above sea level.  During the harvest, through the months of June to September, the coffee is hand-picked and then pulped using a hand eco-pulper, which can process 300 kgs of cherry per day. After pulping, the beans are passed through washing channels. They are then left to ferment for 48-72 hours in clean water, allowing the build-up of acids – like lactic and acetic – which drop the pH of the water and are believed to eat away at the mucilage surrounding the beans. This gives rise to the clean and bright cups we associate with East African coffees.


  • Cup Profile: Tropical fruit, cinnamon & lemon
  • Varietal/s: Bourbon
  • Process: Washed