Ristretto Coffee | Nicaragua Finca El Bosque, La Argentina Microlot (Natural)
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Nicaragua Finca El Bosque, La Argentina Microlot (Natural)


The farm lies on the mountainous slopes in the Nuevo Segovia region on the border of Honduras, providing spectacular views of the surrounding forests and mountains of Jicaro and San Fernando. The environmentis incredibly wild and coffee grows densely amongst shade trees of banana and inga, the potassium provided to the soil by the banana trees is elemental to the nutrition of the coffee on the farm. All power on this rainforest certified farm is provided by solar panels and a rainwater harvesting tank which produces hydroelectricity. This coffee can be traced back to a specific plot on the farm where it was grown named Montanita and unlike most of the coffee on the farm this microlot was sun-dried naturally in its cherry on raised beds for twenty one days.


  • Cup profile: Tropical fruit and cane sugar
  • Varietal/s: Caturra/Catuai
  • Process: Natural